Achievements & Awards

Achievements & Awards
Dynapharm products are recognized by the following authorities:
G.M.P – Good manufacturing Practice – Asia.
F.D.A – Food and Drug Authority – USA.
I.S.O – International Organization for Standardization.
NDA – National Drug Authority- Uganda & other countries.
We Are
Passionate About
Creating Positive Impact
DI Group in Africa directly employs over 500 employees and over 800,000 as distributors and over 400 employees.
Many people have been cured of diseases and many maintained good health.
Many have attained financial freedom through our practical, achievable and dynamic marketing plan hence improving their standards of living.
Over 40 active distributors have been awarded cars and 7 houses in Uganda.
Dynapharm has managed to grow from Uganda now covering a good number of countries in Africa hence creating more jobs and opportunities to the African people while living healthier lives with a source of livelihood.
Dynapharm line of products have increased from to over 700 products in different categories including but not limited to cleansing and detoxifying, Mental, physical and sexual health, home care product, Immune boosters and anti aging, nutritional supplements, diet and weight management among others.
Dynapharm capacity has grown to an extent that it is also a contract- manufacturer for other local and International health care companies.