DI Chicken Poultry Farm

DI Chicken Poultry farm Ltd is a member of the D.I Group Of Companies, which also includes Premium Diary Farm and Mityana farm. DI Chicken poultry Farm has a capacity of 35,000 layer birds and 10,000 broiler birds. The layer birds are farm is at Najjeera-Kkungu and the broilers farm is in Mityana district. The farm is involved in commercial rearing of chickens for their meat and production of eggs. The poultry industry has become one of the most efficient producers of protein for human consumption, in response to public concern over dietary fat; poultry has become the popular substitute for beef and other types of meat.

The gains of our business to the community include:

To provide job opportunities, to individuals who will be employed in the farm (that is, both direct and indirect employment). This we do through training of the individuals on the latest technology used in poultry farming and egg production.

To produce, market, and supply eggs and dietary protein to the market/public. This will help in the process of achieving food sustainability in our community and the country at large.

To provide manure to farmers from the bird droppings that is produced from our farm. As the bird damp/droppings from the birds are used as manure/fertilizer in the farm. Thus, this will help in increasing the level of food production in our community and the country too.


DI Chicken Poultry Farm Limited is headed by a General Manager who is in charge of recruitment and discharge of staff, Verification of birds, Feeds, Equipment, Egg production and sale, Allocation of staff, tools and equipment, Chairing farm meetings and acting as the main Accounting Officer of the farm reporting daily performances to Directors.

Farm Accountant

The farm has a qualified Accountant in charge of: Making requisitions for expenses, Verifying farm purchases, Making proper postings to ledger accounts, Making financial reports, Monthly budgets and payrolls.

Farm Doctor

The farm has a full time doctor whose duties are; Ensuring that birds are in a healthy state, Proper hygiene on the farm, forecast of drugs needed, conduct of postmortems to affected birds, Maximize egg production, Ensuring that the right quantity of feeds are served at the right time and to provide professional advice to management.

Farm Supervisors

The farm has 2 Supervisors whose duties are; General welfare of staff 9food, Bed, Medical), identify requirements and demands of staff and the farm, Timely placement of feeds and water, Cleanliness of birds rooms, staff and staff rooms, Supervise egg collection, Identify needed farm equipment in time and report malpractices in time.

Poultry Farm Attendants

The Layers farm has 16 farm attendants. Each attendant works in 2 poultry houses each with approximately 1,200birds. Their duty is to serve feeds and water on time, collect and clean eggs, report sick birds to the farm doctor and to do any other duties assigned.

Sales Manager

The sales personnel has the following duties; Research on market prices and demand, Ensure all sales are recorded and receipts issued, report direct expenses immediately, submit weekly and monthly sales reports, Update debtor’s ledger instantly and issue invoice, Ascertain opening and closing balances monthly, Ensure sales delivery in time and keep client lists and contacts.

The Feed Mill Production Unit

This unit has 4 staff members who are responsible for collecting materials from the warehouse and thereafter make feeds for the birds using the approved production formulae for Chicks, Growers and Layer birds. Most of the materials used for making poultry feeds including maize grain, maize brand, wheat brand and DCP are outsourced locally from local suppliers.


We use Havens concentrates in making our poultry feeds. These are imported from Netherlands at a cheap cost price since we have a franchise with the manufacturers. Concentrates are imported primarily for our feeds and the balance is sold to other farmers at a profit. The advantage of importing our own concentrates is that we are sure of the quality of feeds produced.

Strength of DI Chicken Poultry Farm Limited

The farm is located a few kilometres from the city Centre with good roads connecting to major high ways which facilitates easy movements to transport both materials for poultry feeds, manure and eggs for sale.

Water Systems

DI Chicken Poultry Farm Limited has its own water supply system and therefore is not dependent on the Government’s National water system. Water pumps to ensure steady supply of water at the farm from 4wells which never go dry even in the dry seasons. Our stand by generator ensures constant supply of power to run the pumps whenever water is needed.

Security System

The Farm properties are guarded by Protectorate SPC with security guards working in shifts divided into two; that is day and night. Dogs are also employed at night to further increase security and to alert security personnel in case a stranger is sighted approaching the farm. Security lights are kept on every night around the farm for clear visibility. This enhances the work of our night watchmen.

Security officer have staff arrival and departure books as well as visitors books where persons visiting the farm record their details including; time of arrival, names and telephone contacts as well as purpose of the visit.

Security officers are also responsible for recording the number of trays leaving the farm, the number of birds and the receipt numbers for sale of eggs, birds and manure. Any malpractices recognized are quickly reported to the farm manager.

Staff Accommodation & Welfare

We have staff quarters where our workers reside at the farm. Beddings and mattresses are provided to the staff. The farm meets utility expenses including water and electricity on behalf of the employees.

Staff Feeding

The farm employs two qualified staff to cook food for all farm employees. The same food is provided for all junior and senior staff on the same basis and food is free for all workers. Food items are budgeted for every month and bought by our procurement officer.


The head office of DI Chicken Poultry Farm Ltd is located in Najjera-Kkungu Kira Municipality Wakiso District of Uganda.

Health Care

The following norms are practiced at DI Poultry Farm;


Bio-security measures including fencing to restrict access by visitors, dogs and other animals are followed to prevent incidence of disease, furthermore the farm has a foot dip at the point of entry.


Poultry houses are regularly cleaned and disinfectant applied to foot dips at the entrance to each house. The birds are fed a balanced feed and provided with clean drinking water using elementary and automatic drinkers.


The sick birds are kept away from the rest during the period of their illness. The farm has a sick bay with four rooms where weak and sick birds are kept in isolation from other birds in the main poultry houses. The sick bays include houses; Brown H, Brown B, Brown D and Room X.


Timely vaccination against known diseases like Newcastle is done as advised by our farm veterinary doctors. Deworming is also done at regular intervals accordingly.