DI GROW – Follar Organic Fertiliser

DI Grow is a product of Dynapharm. It shares the same Principals, Values Vision Marketing Plan among others; basically it exists side by side along Dynapharm. While Dynapharm supplements humans and DI Grow supplements plants and animals. DI Grow is a Liquid Organic Plus foliar fertilizer extracted from the Acadian Seaweed and created using the US formula. It is rich in Macro & micro elements, Bio stimulants and Humic Acid. DI Grow is an organic fertilizer that that is used on all plants, animals, poultry & fish.

DI Grow has been practically tested by farmers and proven to be effective in many countries not limited to Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, USA, Singapore, Thailand, DR Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique, Congo Brazzaville, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Mali, Ghana, Uganda, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia, Angola, Comoros, DR Congo, Congo Brazzaville, Malawi, Mauritius Namibia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Madagascar among others.     


The product has realized a number of achievements in the recent past specifically in Africa, some of which include the following;

  1. It has employed over 100,000 directly registered farmers as distributors in Africa and over 20 employees (technical experts) because of its fast growth.
  2. DI Grow has greatly improved yields of farmers and those who haven’t yet harvested are excited about the progress so far.
  3. A number of commercial individual farmers and farmer associations have embarked on the use of DI Grow e.g. tobacco in Zimbabwe, Coffee in Uganda water, Mellon in South Sudan among others. Because of the effectiveness on this high quality product.

Research Reports

It’s evident in the study conducted by the various technical government institutions as detailed in the annexures with particular subjects.

Philippines: Institution:   Dr. Gil L. Magsino , FPA Accredited Researcher PRC Licensed Agriculturalist NCPC-CPC-CA UPLB College , Los Banos, Laguna , Phils.     Subject:        Field Evaluation of DI Grow Green and D.I Grow Red as foliar fertilizer on growth and yield performance in lowland rice.

Zambia: Institution: Zambia Agricultural Research Institute, Mt Makulu Central Research  Station. Subject: Agronomic evaluation of DI GROW organic foliar fertilizer 

Kenya: Institution:   Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, National Agricultural       Research     Laboratories. Subject:        Evaluation of the effect of DI GROW organic foliar fertilizer on maize and egg plant growth and yields, microflora populations under greenhouse conditions.      

Uganda: Institution: National Crops Resource Research Institute, Namulonge, Kampala. Subject: Efficiency of DI GROW Green and Red for improved rice production.      

South Africa: Research Report Greenhouse Trial Performed To Evaluate The Efficacy Of The Red and Green Product On The Growth Of Beans And Tomatoes by  Dr. J.A. Janse van Vuuren (PhD.) | Prof. A.S. Claassens (DSc.) | J.J.C. Potgieter (MSc.)