DI PSP Distribution Agents

PSP/HC stands for Project Petrol Stations, Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Hotels and Clubs (Wineries). It is a project running under Dynapharm International. It was first created in January 2019 at Malcolm X offices with Sabrina, Anthony and Naomi as the pioneer employees. It has since grown to a team of 18 energetic youths: Dorecca, Edson, Elijah, Joel, Sankara, Cathy, Edwin, Brian, Racheal, Raymond, Christine, Teddy, Paul, Mbaine and Jeniffer. We have since relocated to Plot 19 McKenzie Vale, Kololo.

PSP/HC comprises of two major entities: Nutritional Supplements and Wines.

PSP/HC deals in the supply of nutritional supplements like organic coffees, cleansing and detoxification capsules, weight management products and organic fertilizers.

The team also conducts training and health sensitization on how these supplements help. The team has made it their mission to reach every part of the country and avail these products.

DI Gravel Wines under PSP/HC is in partnership with Gravel Junction South Africa that deals in a variety of wines. DI Gravel Wines is the soul distributor of these wines in Uganda. The wines distributed include: MT. Vernon, Sweet Lips, Unbelievable, South South West and Three Peaks among others.

A rough estimate of PSP/HC’s supplied in Kampala are 650. Other areas include: Western, Northern, Eastern, South Western and North Eastern regions.